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Priceless Partnership in
Healthcare Linens

With over 100 years of expertise in linens, Angelica is a leader in the healthcare linen and medical laundry service industry. Our values are rooted in superb customer service and quality. Our philosophies of enhanced care and patient satisfaction are reflected in our excellent service. 

As the nation’s largest healthcare linen provider, Angelica provides quality services to hospitals, clinics, and long-term care facilities. Angelica is dedicated to finding linen solutions which fit your particular facility requirements. It is our goal to relieve your burden of handling medical laundry. Allow us to do the work for you, in order to ensure the most efficient and cost-effective linen management. 

Angelica is dedicated to its customers, whom we think of as partners. As our partner, you will be included throughout the decision-making process, and we will make certain that the results of the partnership are to your complete satisfaction.

Responsible and Reliable
Medical Linen Service

Over the years, Angelica has developed hospital linen service plants in various regions, leaving a lasting impact on customers and patients. We are known locally for our strong relationship within communities and individualized dedication to each healthcare linen program. In many regions, our locally operated plants have served medical facilities’ linen requests for years. Our national reputation reinforces our dependability as the top medical laundry provider. Renting from us and outsourcing your healthcare laundry will be a pivotal step in achieving total patient and staff satisfaction. 

As a large corporation, it is important that we stay tied to the community. In doing so, we have developed a “Go Green” initiative which is both cost-effective and environmentally friendly. We are actively working to achieve HLAC accreditation for our plants, an initiative that our national strength allows us to implement. By promoting the use of green products in your linen program, we achieve higher efficiency and satisfaction with lower cost and less usage.

Distinct Expertise in Healthcare Laundry

Angelica sets itself apart from the competition by delivering maximum service at minimum cost. We gather information about your current linen management program, and we work to optimize the process in a way that is most beneficial to you. Our assessment is based on your need, usage, and facility requirements. We maintain a wide range of innovative products and services that will augment your medical laundry program and leave both patients and staff satisfied. Innovation is fundamental in providing and sustaining superior service in the medical linens industry.

Let us facilitate your success with our unique products and services. Hospitals, clinics, and long-term care facilities rely on dependable, timely, and comprehensive medical linen service; Angelica provides that and much more. Contact us today to see how we can facilitate your healthcare linens program.

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