Dress for Success with Angelica Medical Garments

A healthcare facility provides a unique challenge to linen management. Patients and staff have various medical garment needs, which is why you need a partner with experience who understands this diverse challenge. Let Angelica be your hospital garment provider.

Angelica has the expertise and experience in healthcare linen services to design a garment program tailored to your specific needs, and the dedication to implement it properly. By helping you define and operate a garment program as effectively and efficiently as possible, Angelica will give you the best medical garment and laundry service for the least cost.

Our hospital garment solutions include:

· Patient Gowns
· Scrub Sets
· Surgical Gowns
· Warm-up Jackets
· Lab coats
· Many others

Innovating Hospital Garments to Benefit You

Angelica strives to continuously develop medical garments that will increase efficiency, maximize comfort, and reduce cost. Our innovative hospital garments help us to achieve these goals in customer satisfaction and maintain our high standards.

· Plastic Snap IV Gown - eliminates using multiple gowns on the same patient; reducing overall usage and costs

o Resists breakage and increases comfort
o Improved patient coverage
o Can be used in imaging areas where metal snap gowns cannot
o Offered at the same price as metal snap gowns

· SilverTouch Anti-Microbial Lab Coats - supports Healthcare Associated Infection Prevention (HAI)

o Lowers the risk of cross-contamination
o Kills harmful bacteria, reducing healthcare-associated - infections
o No laundering restrictions; maintains effectiveness after washes
o Odor-resistant features; anti-microbial properties
o Angelica’s medical laundry services removes the facility’s burden of cleaning to remove harmful bacteria
o New coat provided when approaching 50 washes

Flexible Medical Garment Supply Options

Angelica wants to make sure that all of your needs are met and wants are satisfied. We encourage our customers to choose the option that is best for their facility. Most of our customers rent medical garments from us; however, you may also choose to purchase healthcare garments from us, and still enjoy our comprehensive healthcare laundry service. As a partner with you, we want to see your medical facility flourish, which is why we present medical laundry options which will increase your credibility and attractiveness to patients. Angelica can provide custom garments for your staff with the facility’s logo embroidered, increasing appeal and professional standard.

Unlike some other healthcare linen providers, Angelica is 100% JCAHO and OSHA compliant. Let us provide your facility with top-of-the-line medical garments ― contact Angelica today!