New and Improved Medical Linen Supply

Improved Baby Blankets - Angelica’s larger, more luxurious baby blankets are resistant to fading and pilling.

Topline Thread Count Sheets - Patients feel the difference with our T-180 thread count sheets.

Luxury Towels and Premium Wash Cloths - Angelica’s bath towels and wash cloths are large, heavy, and soft, giving the patient an experience closer to a hotel than a hospital stay.

Dermacare Reusable Underpads - This unique underpad was designed to be reusable and comfortable, reduce the risk of ulcers, and trim your medical linen services cost.

· Provides a softer, more comfortable, and more absorbent pad with Stay-Dry Technology
· Lower incidence of pressure ulcers could reduce hospital’s treatment cost
· Absorbs after initial soil; stain-resistant surface
· Allows air to circulate
· Increased absorbency, reusability, and durability reduces capital and storage cost, as fewer pads are required per bed

These medical linens will make a noticeable difference in your linen management system and in your patient satisfaction. Upgraded healthcare linens are a part of Angelica’s attempt to increase your facility’s ratings and attractiveness to patients.

Managing your Medical Linen Supply Made Easy

Angelica’s AngelLink Linen Management software will give you more control of your medical linen management and utilization. This software will help you to establish departmental linen usage and need, as well as budget management. 

· Medical linen orders can be submitted online instantly
· AngelLink provided at no additional cost with our service programs
· Full training, assistance, and support

It is our pleasure to serve you. We want to ensure that your medical linen service is optimized and efficient by providing quality linen management solutions such as: linen utilization survey; products mix assessment; product usage assessment; initial inventory check; processing linen; and monitoring utilization and inventory. These outstanding healthcare linen services will help us make your job easier! 

Hospital Linen Service Options

As a part of our attempt to develop a partnership with you, Angelica allows you to choose medical linen rental and supply options that are best for you and your facility. Most of our customers rent healthcare linen from us. However, you may also choose to purchase your medical linens from us and still take advantage of our comprehensive healthcare laundry service.

Contact us today to find out how you can make the best of your healthcare linen supply!