Improves patient care by providing a more absorbent and comfortable incontinence bed pad

  • Better patient care, better pressure ulcer management
    • May reduce incidence of pressure ulcers developing in patients
    • Lower pressure ulcer incidence rates could therefore reduce hospital’s treatment cost
  • Incontinence bed pads engineered to provide a dryer surface and better pressure distribution
    • Breathable design keeps the patient dry, faster than other reusables
    • Soft, brushed top sheet enhances patient comfort
    • Absorbs up to four average voids (1,500 ml) providing patient with dry environment quickly
    • Wicks moisture away from skin, but does not remove skin’s natural oils
    • Top layer is stain-resistant
    • Lays flat preventing bunching and wrinkling, thereby helping to reduce the incidence of pressure ulcers
    • Environmentally friendly relative to disposable alternatives

Washable Bed Pads

underpad1Our standard incontinence Bed Pad protects beds, but more importantly it protects patients

  • Manufactured in a heavier material which absorbs more moisture than the average under pad
  • Its impermeable barrier is securely attached to the underlying layer, enabling it to withstanding the laundering process better
  • The use of a polyester top layer resists staining

As part of our complete line of Incontinence Products we also offer Adult Briefs and Children Diapers. To request more information click here