Flat Sheets

We don’t take shortcuts on our flat sheets and your patients will feel the difference

  • Our everyday sheet has a T180 thread count – most competitors’ hospital sheets don’t
    • A higher thread count means a higher quality sheet that is soft and warm for your patients
    • A higher thread count means the sheet is not transparent, providing better privacy for your patients
  • Our everyday sheet is longer than most competitors’ sheet
    • Stays tucked in longer which means less of the caregiver’s time to remake bed
    • Folds over the top of the blanket providing a “feel” just like home

Fitted Sheets


An Angelica hospital bed sheet is not just any sheet

  • Unique stretch design fits the mattress enabling caregivers to make the bed with minimal lifting
  • 100% polyester keeps the sheet whiter longer, resists stains and feels like cotton

Bariatric Sheets

Special design for unique needs while reducing costs

  • 60/40 cotton / polyester jersey knit with 4-way stretch seam creates a soft surface
  • Fitted design wraps mattress for a secure fit and reduces wrinkling and bunching for a smoother surface
  • Contour sheet is heavy weight for a thicker more comfortable feel and eliminates the need for 2 or 3 extra sheets, making it easier for staff to execute medical procedures

Linen and labor savings you will appreciate

  • Bone coloring and color-coded binding facilitates linen room identification and reduces bed make-up time
  • Fitted design reduces unnecessary extra linen and saves time making beds
  • Stain release properties help keep sheets looking newer, longer which reduces costs

Hyperbaric Sheets

Hyperbaric-Linens_StackDesigned to provide a safe patient environment

  • 100% natural cotton fibers to prevent static electricity. Ideal for use with hyperbaric chambers
  • Everything is cotton including the thread and label


Angelica reinvented the pillowcase to be the best

  • Not surprisingly, the pillowcase is one of the items most susceptible to staining
  • We use a poly rich 80/20 blend which helps the Angelica pillowcase:
    • Resist staining
    • Stay whiter longer
    • Minimize shrinkage

AngelComfort™ Hospital Sheets

Almost as soft as being at home

Delight your patients with flat & fitted hospital sheets with the same level of comfort they demand in their own home.

  • The higher thread count offers remarkable softness and adds refinement and elegance
  • Available in thread counts up to T-310
  • Silky smooth, but able to withstand institutional laundering

Gurney Sheets

Realize the benefits of using one Gurney sheet instead of multiple standard sheets

  • Reduce costs
    • One Gurney sheet versus multiple sheets reduces linen costs per gurney
    • One size fits all design reduces inventory by eliminating multiple sizes
    • Better fit reduces labor since there is less need to straighten or change beds
    • Stain release properties help keep sheets looking newer, longer which reduces costs
  • Improve patient comfort
    • Knit construction keeps sheet in place without elastic and reduces bunching and wrinkling resulting, in increased patient comfort
    • Soft, ultra knit 100% poly fabric surface is more comfortable against the patient’s skin than standard sheets

Birthing Sheets

Expecting mothers will feel the difference and so will youBed Linens - Birthing Bed Sheets - Collage

Most birthing bed sheets fit poorly; Angelica’s don’t. This means you will use and process less linen, it will fit better and reduce bed re-makes, and most importantly, mothers will be more comfortable.

  • A perfect fit reduces costs
    • Multiple sizes and shapes ensure a secure fit
    • A secure fit means less linen is used and reduces caregiver’s time spent making beds
    • Color-coded top and bottom makes it easier to distinguish which sheet goes on which mattress
    • Design facilitates medical procedures
  • A perfect fit also feels better
    • Ultra-knit 100% synthetic construction is super soft on patient’s skin
    • Better fit means better comfort (reduced sheet bunching)