AngelGuard™ privacy curtain solution is the fast, quiet and effective way to reduce infection risks

Privacy curtains in most hospital rooms do not get changed frequently enough

With few exceptions, almost every healthcare professional recognizes that more needs to be done in this area.

So what prevents them from getting started?

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Takes too long to change the curtains

This is true.

It can take 20-30 minutes to change a traditional hospital privacy curtain.

Not with AngelGuard! Using the patented Hookless® ring and Grabber®*, it only takes 30 seconds to change the curtains on a hospital bed. See for yourself…

Some rooms need to be changed more frequently

This is true.

Privacy curtains in hospital rooms that turnover frequently and / or are used for invasive procedures – ICU, L&D, ER, ENDO, PACU, Oncology – should be changed more frequently than general patient rooms.

They aren’t, but they could be with AngelGuard Recyclable Curtains. See for yourself…

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Inventory control is difficult

This is also true.

Being able to document when a privacy curtain was washed is critical to validating that you have a process and you follow it.

With AngelTrak** – Asset management – you can track and control curtains; thereby reducing losses

Privacy Curtain Laundering Program

Angelica offers a comprehensive curtain laundering program to support your infection prevention efforts. Textile privacy curtains are high-touch surfaces that should be laundered and disinfected more frequently. To facilitate these efforts, we provide you with a cleaning schedule based on how frequently you want to launder your curtains. Whether you need curtains laundered after every patient, monthly, or quarterly, we can customize a laundering program for you. In addition to this, AngelClean® , our laundering process, disinfects your privacy curtains resulting in curtains that are 100,000 times cleaner than the industry standard. Contact us today to get started!

Curtain Swatches

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*Patent held by On the Right Track
**Not available in all Areas. Contact your sales rep for more information