Services for Hospitals

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As an Angelica customer, you’ll benefit from our innovative approach to managing your hospital linen programs. We understand that cost-effective linen processing and distribution programs are highly sophisticated processes. More importantly, we listen to our customers and integrate their input. We want to develop a partnership with our customers, through which we are able to gain an understanding of their needs, and customize the program that will best suit their needs.

· Hospital Linen Utilization Survey
Before Angelica attempts to bring you any proposed solution, we spend time analyzing your business. We gather key operational data such as what linen products you are currently using, your consumption pattern, and how you are distributing the products.

· Products Mix Assessment
Take advantage of our wealth of knowledge regarding hospital linen. We will work with you in assessing your medical linen supply, and make suggestions. If an alternate product is available that more closely meets your facility’s requirements, we will tell you about it.

· Product Usage Assessment

This assessment is the key in establishing the pricing for your textile rental program. The closer we can model actual product utilization, the more accurately we can price your services relative to your current consumption.

· Establish Initial Inventory of Hospital Linens

Objectives for inventory levels are customer-specific based on your input and are set to meet your requirements and expectations.

· Processing Healthcare Linens

The day-to-day processing of medical linen service involves receiving orders from the customer, filling the orders, delivering the orders to the customer locations in a timely manner, picking up soiled linen, laundering, and repeating the process as necessary to meet your requirements and expectations.

· Monitoring Utilization and Adjusting Inventory and Order Levels

Angelica will work in collaboration with you to manage and, if appropriate, begin the process of reducing medical linen consumption.

Hospital Linen Suppliers Who Care

Angelica wants to make sure that our customers are completely pleased; which is why we take time to develop relationships locally and high standards nationally. We provide hospitals and other facilities with our extensive experience in healthcare linen services, along with our innovative products and services that will keep patients and staff comfortable and satisfied. We also utilize the first EPA-approved disinfectant to reduce hospital-acquired infections at no extra cost to our customers. By using this disinfectant, we are implementing a preventive measure to fight infection and cross-contamination within the hospital. Our methods for managing your laundry services are sure to encompass all areas of satisfaction.

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