AngelLink® – A Higher Standard in Linen Service

AngelLink® has been developed with two main objectives in mind:

  1. To understand order patterns in order to optimize deliveries and on-premise inventory
  2. To understand department requirements so the right product is in place at the right time

Before joining AngelLink® you are most likely to:

  • View orders when they arrive rather than when they are packed
  • Store an invoice in a file folder rather than on the computer
  • Make order changes reactively rather than proactively
  • Rely on manual order entry instead of electronic

Now with AngelLink® – The Easiest Way to Order – you will benefit from:

Automated & Accurate Ordering

  • Order any time—day or night
  • Automated standard orders can be easily adjusted, eliminating data entry errors
  • Place orders directly into Angelica’s systems
  • Confirm / adjust orders up to 24 hours in advance of delivery

Order Visibility

AngelLink® ensures instant access to every order, delivery document and invoice

  • Real time order status
  • Access and store all delivery documents and invoices electronically
  • Complete visibility of exactly what’s scheduled to arrive
  • Customize linen order screen the way you want it to look

Hands-On Help

Simple to set up, easy to use and FREE. Your Angelica Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) will get you set up and will provide training and on-going AngelLink® support

Order Online


After set-up, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…

  1. Log In
    Access from any computer in your facility.
  2. Order
    Place your linen order instantaneously.
  3. View, Track and Print
    VIEW the quantities coming on your delivery before the delivery truck arrives.
    TRACK how you distributed each day’s delivery to your hospital departments.
    PRINT invoices, delivery documents and usage reports—all at your fingertips

Contact Angelica Customer Care at (888) 293-2100 or