AngelTrak® – The Better Way of Doing Business

 Since we began in 1890, Angelica has always been the industry game changer. From developing the first chef uniform worn by chefs even a century later to engineering a plastic snap patient gown to reduce costs and improve patient satisfaction, Angelica strives to bring innovation to the industry.

In our continuing effort to provide industry leading service to our customers, Angelica has embarked on an innovative linen management program called AngelTrak®. It involves state-of-the-art radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. Angelica has invested in this technology to provide a level of detailed information and reporting that is currently not available in today’s market. This reporting will play a key role in improving your facility’s linen management program by:

  • Offering unprecedented visibility by piece instead of pound.
  • Outlining the opportunity to pinpoint areas of waste
  • Maintaining accurate PAR levels and reduce inventory
  • Continuous Education in best practices that aid in mitigating loss linen
  • Comprehensive Reporting to uncover new opportunities to reduce waste/cost
  • Simple pricing structure with potential for huge savings
  • Weekly reporting that offers visibility on usage and cost

We understand our customers and their needs. Data is needed to make more informed decisions and technology delivers data with lightning speed. With AngelTrak, you will be able to experience our delightful service, innovative technology, and transparent business practices making doing business with us much easier!

To access a whitepaper RFID Tracking: A Technology-Driven Strategy for Optimizing Rental Linen Costs for Healthcare Providers , click here.

“AngelTrak is my linen management roadmap ….it allows me to zero in on usage for specific items to reduce loss and lower my overall linen spend”
– Linen Services Director, West Coast Healthcare Facility

Dispelling the Myths about AngelTrak®

FALSE: AngelTrak will cost you more money over time.

TRUE: Utilizing data and CRM training will reduce your total cost by at least 10%.

FALSE: AngelTrak is not worth the time and resource investment.

TRUE: Having unprecedented data allows you to more efficiently manage your linen program and reduce costs.