sustainabilityAt Angelica, we firmly believe that responsible environmental management is important to our growth and long term success. Guided by our company value of respect for our communities, we are committed to meeting the highest standards of corporate citizenship by fostering environmental stewardship and by creating positive impact in the communities where we do business.

As a result, we were one of the first healthcare laundries to have embarked on a carbon footprint analysis. While there is no comparative data for our industry, we believe what we do regarding the environment speaks louder than words.

As part of our Improving the Fabric of Healthcare™ vision, we have invested in technologies that enable us to reduce our carbon footprint. By making changes now, we can positively impact our environment for future generations.


  • Encourage use of products that are reusable and/or recyclable
  • Continue recycling plastic to reduce waste and fossil fuel usage; to date, have recycled more than 20 million lbs of plastic


  • Environmentally friendly, energy efficient and biodegradable
  • Implementing closed-loop recycling system for used oil and solvents
  • Angelica’s wash chemicals are considered phosphate-free, NTA-free, and NPE-free



  • Further invest in equipment to recycle and optimize water usage; to date, have reduced water usage by over 1 billion gallons
  • Implement additional technology to reduce water and sewer cost, enable savings on water and sewer capacity, and reduce the demands on valuable municipal drinking water


  • Reduce energy usage by optimizing wash sequencing and temperature without impacting textile cleanliness; to date, reduced natural gas usage by over 10 million therms
  • Optimize delivery truck routes to reduce fleet, lowering amount of fuel consumed and carbon emissions; to date, have reduced miles traveled by over 13 million miles
  • Continue investing in equipment to enable heat reclamation/recovery, lowering gas and energy consumption

Continuous improvement of our sustainability initiatives truck

  • Conduct additional carbon footprint studies to assess environmental impact and drive added improvements
  • Research and invest in innovative technologies that further lower environmental impact by decreasing waste, reducing energy and water consumption, and increasing use of recyclable products
  • Encourage environmentally-positive practices among customers and vendors
  • Invest in various technologies such as hybrid trucks and truck design that reduce our carbon footprint

Helping our customers lessen their impact on the environment

paperlessWe now offer the option for customers to:

  • Receive paperless invoicing, saving them both time and money
  • Order electronically through AngelLink®, making their ordering process easier

Did you know? On average, the carbon footprint of a regular email is 4 grams of CO2e and the footprint of a letter sent via postal service is 20 grams of CO2e. Angelica estimates an 80% reduction in its carbon emissions from our paperless invoicing initiative.