AngelKit™ – our cleaning system – supports your infection prevention efforts by staying a step ahead in the battle against the spread of infection

  • Unlike traditional methods, Angel Kit™ is a self-contained, customized cleaning system within a mesh laundry bag, that prevents infections from spreading room to room
  • Items are color-coded to facilitate identification
  • The microfiber components in the kit are made of strong, lint-free, ultra-fine split fibers which create hundreds of thousands of microscopic channels to capture, absorb and remove dust and dirt
  • Each kit can be customized based on your facility needs
  • Our program for pick-up, laundry, disinfection and delivery relieves the facility from the burden of cleaning these items regularly

Angelica’s AngelKit™ can be customized with any of our cleaning products:


Wet mop pads


Dry mop pads


Surface cleaning cloth


Glass cleaning cloth

Other cleaning products we offer as part of our complete Dust Control Product Line:

Microfiber Heavy Duty Wet Mop
Uniquely designed to absorb big spills and pick up larger dust particles

  • Lightweight
  • Absorbs 30% more than traditional cotton string mop

Microfiber-Traditional-String-MopMicrofiber Traditional String Mop
Designed with looped ends and tailbands to pick up liquids and dirt

  • Does not tangle while in use and dries floors without streaking
  • Can be used with any standard wringer and fits standard mop handles, holders and frames

Microfiber-BonnetMicrofiber Bonnet
Designed for slow-speed floor machines

  • Thick, reversible pads withstand many washings

Buffing-PadsBuffing Pads
Designed for high-speed floor machines

  • Pads can be used alone to maintain shine

MicroScour Microfiber Pad

Designed to remove scuff marks and hard-to-remove spots with ease

MicroMax-Microfiber-Dust-MopMicroMax Microfiber Dust Mop
Sheared fiber outer-layer construction means more effective dusting

  • High-density foam in inner layer increases stability
  • Available in different sizes

Microfiber-Bucketless-Speed-MopMicrofiber Bucketless Speed Mop

  • Ideal for use in long hallways or in areas of a facility where a bucket is not convenient or appealing
  • Handle is lightweight
  • Removable tank will hold up to 20 oz. of liquid