The AngelSlider™ helps prevent caregiver injury and pressure ulcers in patients



AngelSlider™ design improves patient care and comfort through better pressure ulcer prevention

  • Thin profile and low-friction backing enables caregivers to increase repositioning frequency to recommended levels for better patient care
  • Increased repositioning frequency helps reduce risk of pressure ulcers by preventing pressure build-up
  • Breathable backing prevents heat and pressure build-up under the patient, keeping skin free of moisture – a contributor to pressure sores
  • Flaps prevent bunching and wrinkling, improving patient comfort and preventing formation of pressure points

Did you know?
Patient positioning is the # 1 cause of caregiver injuries

Using an AngelSlider™ can improve safety for staff and caregivers

  • Lab tests conducted at the Georgia Institute of Technology, proved AngelSliders reduce force required to move and continue moving patients by 62%
  • Ease of positioning reduces risk of musculoskeletal injuries, particularly of the back, neck, and shoulders
  • Large surface area prevents additional strain from patient dragging against the bottom sheet

To learn more about the benefits of the AngelSlider™ read “AngelSlider™ Breathable Patient Positioner” White Paper