Surgical Scrubs

Surgical Scrubs that set the industry standard

We proudly provide the AngelStat®* line of surgical scrubs as our standard offering. We say proudly because Angelica invented this exceptional line many years ago, and it continues to be the industry standard

  • Highest quality fabrics and color variety
    • Cotton rich 55% cotton / 45% poly blend
    • Heavier fabric weight provides durability
    • Vat-dyed fabrics are color fast for reduced fading
    • Fabric made in the USA
  • 11 Unisex colors
  • Thoughtful design and sophisticated construction result in the best fit:

Stylish Tops

  1. 4-panel construction improves drape
  2. Generous cut for comfort and style
  3. Mitered corners on larger pockets prevent lint build up
  4. Set-in sleeves for modesty
  5. Reversible

Tailored Bottoms

  1. Polyester webbed ties are more durable and won’t knot
  2. High quality 4-panel construction improves drape and comfort
  3. Generous cut for comfort and style

Ladies Fit

  1. Tailored design to be more fashionable and fit female staff
  2. Superb quality fabrics and designs
  3. Princess seams that offer a better fit
  4. Tops are longer and have more pockets for convenience

AngelStat®* SafeSleeves™

AngelStat®* SafeSleeves™ help reduce costly Surgical Site Infections (SSI’s)

  • aorn-sealAORN Seal of Recognition awarded for ability to help prevent Surgical Site Infections
  • AORN & OSHA guidelines “advise non-scrubbed personnel to wear long sleeves in the OR to prevent skin shedding because infection can result if the arms are not covered”
  • Better than loose-fitting sleeves, which may drag against the body and spread infection
  • Why SafeSleeves? Because our sleeves are form fitting to protect the patient and caregiver

AngelStat®* SafeSleeves™ adhere to AORN guidelines

  1. Inset stretch knit sleeves that fit tight on the arms, yet are breathable
  2. Stay-Fit down to the wrist
  3. Brushed fabric has inherent, breathable, wicking properties
  4. Fabric designed and constructed to keep you safe

Non Surgical Scrubs

Angelica scours the market looking for high quality, non-surgical scrub attire that includes a variety of colors as well as fits – unisex and contemporary styles for ladies

  • Fashion: Tailored design for a more contemporary fit for female employees
  • Tapered: Princess seams to compliment natural shape
  • Features: More pockets and longer

Warm-Up Jackets

Warmth, safety and style in surgical areas

  • This unisex warm-up jacket has a collarless neckline with snap-front closure and matched rib cuffs
  •  AngelStat®* fabric is a cotton-rich, 55% cotton / 45% polyester blend that gets softer and softer the more it’s washed
  • It includes two pockets, one with a scissors holder

Color & Style Sample



* Trademark held by Medline Industries